Monday, 25 July 2011

Stylish Blogger Awards

A little while ago, "The Big Parade" aka Zoe Walker's excellent film blog, kindly awarded me with the Stylish blogger Award.

As a recipient I am to post a link to Zoe's blog which is here. It's well informed and very stylish, one of my favourites and it should be one of yours too!

There are also two duties to
carry out:
  • Pass it on to some 7 stylish bloggers,
  • and write 7 random tell all facts about yours truly (the real me and not just "Arthur"!)
7 facts!
- I am from a place called part of Liverpool. John Lennon lived near by for a few months (before I was born) and, indeed, went to the same school as my dad
- my aunty's husband was in a film with Rock Hudson called "Captain Lightfoot"
- my mother in law was chair of the Wellsian Society and knows all things about HG Wells; she curated a series of Wells films at the BFi a few years' back
- I work in publishing and once wrote a book on the marketing of leisure services...
- my then girlfriend was removed from shot as an extra in the Rob Lowe *classic* "Oxford Blues" for being too "distracting" (she made it into some of the movie though and is distracting!)
- I was almost an extra in "Heaven's Gate"but couldn't be bothered (big mistake eh!?)
- I once said hello to Jack Lemmon in the street, much to his annoyance (sorry Jack, I was young!)

7 stylish blogs? So many to chose from but the first to come to mind win:

1. Thomas Gladysz quite brilliant
Louise Brooks Society blog
2. Pamela Hutchison's similarly superb Silent London
the beating heart of the capital's silent film revival!
3. Zoe Walker's above mentioned blog, The Big Parade, a great film and a great site!
4. Matthew Coniam''s well-informed and witty Movietone News
5. Roy Bean's wildly-diverse and dedicated Ganarse un Acre
6. D For Doom's opinionated (in a good way!) Classic Movie Ramblings
7. Ferdinand Von Galitzien's extraordinary cinematic cornucopia..."Spreading The Silent News Around The World..."

I'd also add Stacia's She Blogged by Night because it's also very stylish! And it's a blog, a very good one!

I urge you to visit these sites and there are plenty more our there but if I had to pick 7 (or 8) then these are my choices today!


  1. Hi Paul

    You can write me to ganarseunacre@gmail, I have one or two questions aboute de prize.


  2. Thanks hon! I appreciate it!

  3. Sorry it took me so long to acknowledge this on my own site, but really much appreciated.